RazzMaTazz's Mini Jubilee

Mini Jubilee

Don't be left out in the COLD.....come CHILL OUT with us as we shoot for the stars launching our NEW FALL CATALOG! WHOOOOO do you know that LOVES DISNEY?....BRING them along as your guest! We will "MAGICALLY" Unveil a REVOLUTIONARY, Innovative, Never Been Sold Before, Nothing like it on the Market NEW PRODUCT! Plus a NEW FALL Fundraising Line Let us know you are coming! JOIN the event here! All New and Active Salesforce Members will be able to purchase an 8pc NEW PRODUCT set valued at $70 for just $15 for attending!

GIFTS for our guests! FUN for our guests! RAFFLES - CASH DRAWINGS for Parties Up! Our ZIPPITY DO DAH Challenge drawings! Keep ZIPPIN to it! We will be launching on into MAGIC WEEKS and you'll leave this event ready to SHOOT FOR THE STARS in your business!

Razz's 4th Annual Family Fun Day!

Family Fun Day

FAMILY FUN - FOOD - DASH N STASH - SEMI ANNUAL REWARD/RECOGNITION AUCTION - SPECIAL AWARDS and RAFFLE PRIZES that are FAMILY Fun Friendly! Plus…there’s the Joy of our RazzMaTazz Families just hanging out and getting to know each other better! Make it your mission to ENJOY the bonding and memories this day creates. Bring: Your own lawn chairs, your own cooler of drinks, your auction bucks if you are RT Grad and/or a Royalty Leader, and feel free to bring a side dish to share if you have a family BBQ summertime favorite or a favorite dessert. Your Director team is providing Pulled Pork, BBQ Beef, hamburgers and hot dogs All Royalty Leaders Please Bring: A BIG side dish to share! We have the invite on Facebook! Click here to view the Family Fun Day invitation and RSVP so we can prepare!

Zippity Do Dah Challenge

We are on the MOVE to HOLD PARTIES and WELCOME NEW CONSULTANTS in 100+ ZIP CODES in the next 4 weeks! You could win PRIZES and NEW PRODUCTS at Our MINI JUBILEE on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13th when we LAUNCH the New Fall Holiday Catalog and Tupperware's MAGIC Weeks! ****out of state/towners CAN participate, too! We will ship your gifts!!

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RazzMaTazz's Facebook Group

If you are a RazzMaTazz sales force member be sure to join our group on facebook! This is a closed group for the sharing of ideas, successes, posting of photos, creating events and providing nothing but positive encouragement to inspire each other to personal greatness which leads to team greatness. Click on the logo to join our Facebook group!

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Share the Tupperware Opportunity

Who do you know that might be looking for an opportunity to create a better life for themselves and family? Learn how to share the opportunity by studying the information below. Share this information with everyone that you meet. You just never know who's life you can help change for the better!

Tupperware Opportunity

Recruiting Tri-Fold

Fifteen Reasons to Sell Tupperware!

The Gift of Opportunity Packet

Fundraising Training

Tupperware Fundraising TrainingDid you know that Tupperware offers a fantastic Fundraising program? Learn more about Fundraising with Tupperware and the different options you can offer organizations looking to make some money!.

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Carmen Harp Training Spotlight

Carmen Harp has created some great systems for time management, to do lists and best business practices to help you with your Tupperware business!

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