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If you are a RazzMaTazz sales force member be sure to join our group on facebook! This is a closed group for the sharing of ideas, successes, posting of photos, creating events and providing nothing but positive encouragement to inspire each other to personal greatness which leads to team greatness. Click on the logo to join our Facebook group!

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Share the Tupperware Opportunity

Who do you know that might be looking for an opportunity to create a better life for themselves and family? Learn how to share the opportunity by studying the information below. Share this information with everyone that you meet. You just never know who's life you can help change for the better!

Tupperware Opportunity

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Fifteen Reasons to Sell Tupperware!

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Fundraising Training

Tupperware Fundraising TrainingDid you know that Tupperware offers a fantastic Fundraising program? Learn more about Fundraising with Tupperware and the different options you can offer organizations looking to make some money!.

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Carmen Harp Training Spotlight

Carmen Harp has created some great systems for time management, to do lists and best business practices to help you with your Tupperware business!

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