We are SO EXCITED to announce to you that we have a BRAND NEW Support Tool for you and your growing business! We are Introducing the Razzmatazz Fabulous Facebook Party Templates & Training Group that is NOW open for you to request to join.

The Purpose of this group is to provide an exclusive RazzMaTazz Sales Basic Mock FB party format designed for our team members to cut and paste to create successful online events. We even have more advanced tutorials for experienced FB Partiers under the GUIDES section within this group.

Currently there is ONLY the Basic party flow available. More will be added in the coming weeks.

We will also be offering occasional Saturday morning interactive live zoom Q and A’s for team members to ask questions to an expert face book partier. We also plan to offer zoom room trainings on specific skills like learning “How To” create your own google doc survey/customer order form, Using a FB Scheduling Program, Getting the most out of TuppSocial etc..etc…

WANT TO JOIN THIS NEW GROUP?  https://www.facebook.com/groups/razzfbpartytraning

Please be sure to answer the membership questions and encourage your Consultants to do the same. If they do not answer the questions they will not be admitted to the group.