Meet Your Business Leaders

Welcome to our incredible award winning Razzmatazz team!  We are thrilled to be your business leaders!

Razzmatazz Sales is an organization of enthusiastic, passionate Directors, Managers and Consultants who take great pride in “sharing the shine” as we call it.  What is the “shine” you ask? It’s that special sparkle, a flicker of fire that is ignited by positive people who come together in such a fun, meaningful, opportunity driven way and create change in today’s crazy hectic world. We are a team that loves helping today’s busy families eat more healthy, get more organized, make money/save money, set goals and achieve dreams, all while protecting our planet with top notch sustainable products! We love leaving a little “glitter” (joyous nuggets of knowledge, recipes, fun, cooking tips and customized solutions) with everyone we meet like the tossing of confetti!  There are so many ways to impact and influence positive change by finding your own perfect fit in how you choose to market yourself just like each of us has, and your new journey will be so rewarding!  Today’s Tupperware Party can be partnered with so many new tools in technology and is the most fun you’ll have making serious money along with the making of new friends and the best product on the market impacting your home and lifestyle! Again, we are so honored to have you a part of our Razzmatazz family!  Cheers to your new beginning!

A little about Stephanie

I joined Tupperware at the age of 22 while home on maternity leave with our first child, and that was 31 years ago now.  It’s been an amazing unexpected career path for me and I only have one regret in all these years…and that is, that I didn’t join Tupperware SOONER.  In college I struggled with balancing 3 part time jobs, never had enough time or money and my car was always needing expensive repairs, tires, and left me stranded many times.  So, when I got invited to Diane’s Tupperware Party in 1988, you can imagine I was pretty inspired to hear the consultant, Karen, talking about being a  “Mompreneur” with flexibility, financial freedom, gifts, trips and a company car! I wanted to be a stay at home mom with all those perks! So, I invested $125 and told myself I’d try it for 3 months! Best Decision Ever! In my first month I replaced my full time, eliminated child care costs by working flexibly around Clark’s work and on-call schedule. Within 8 months I was driving a company car (Tupperware pays for EVERYTHING! Including the tax, license, registration, monthly payments, and insurance)! I was well on my way to a six figure income, and earned an incredible incentive trip vacation all expenses paid (including the tips!) I was then, and still am in total awe of how fast and flexibly anyone can choose to build their own Tupperware career to meet any lifestyle or family needs. I’ve enjoyed personally just how richly Tupperware rewards for effort, how learning new things deepen knowledge and knowledge develops confidence, and before you know it,  you become an empowered, dream driven individual with an unlimited income. I’ve loved my title of “Stay at Home Mom with an executive level income” all these years and my favorite part of being a Business Leader in Tupperware today is to help others find their own unique ways to sparkle, shine and feel divine in this journey we call life, and then to share it! Paying the awesome forward brings amazing joy!

A Little about Clark

Clark has always had a deep rooted passion for helping others! He served in the Navy as a hospital corpsman, right out of high school, which ultimately lead him to his career of 37 years, at the University of California Davis, Medical Center in the Operating Room, in which he just retired from this year! Our family is so proud of the years and years he devoted to health care as a big part of life-saving trauma teams! The pride, dedication, loyalty and hard work ethic that is such a natural part of Clark’s “DNA” has also played a big role in the ultimate success of Razzmatazz Sales today!  In the beginning, his support came in the form of empowering me, believing in me and reminding me of awesome benefits of flexibility we both were working for!  I know he loved having his own “Dad” time in the evenings and weekends, which eliminated huge rising child care costs and gave our two boys, Kyle and Cody the benefit of being raised solely by their parents. We both were at everything that was important to our children over all the years and there is just no price tag for that kind of opportunity. Clark has really enjoyed our more than 40 Tupperware Trips/Vacations around the world, Brand New Company Cars every two years or less, all the cash bonuses, jewelry, furniture, electronics plus a variety of other perks all earned by working together as a dream driven, goal focused couple. Today, Clark enjoys the building of Razzmatazz Sales by doing all the things that lots of people don’t see or like to do! You know…the business side of the business, but most importantly after all these years, in a new season in life, with our kids grown, He still empowers me, believes in me, and is our biggest fan/cheerleader! He helps me be the best I can be for all of you!  What’s so fabulous now, for us both, is to look back and know our children experienced hard work ethic, both of us loving and passionate about our careers, and seeing their parents work hard together for goals and helping so many others learn they could do the same.  Welcome again to your brand new opportunity, we are here to help you discover all that’s possible for you and your family too!