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The Crystalwave Plus COZY COLLECTION is a such a great host gift! Perfect for soups, stews, chilis, salads and more! Remember YOU can always be the...

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NEW CATALOG is Coming!

EXCITING News! You Will Soon be Able to Order the Spring and Summer 2022 Catalog! You will be able to order the printed version of the Spring &...

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Product Spotlight

The Tupperware MicroPro® Grill is a unique product that allows you to quickly grill meat, fish, vegetables, and sandwiches as well as prepare casseroles and au gratin dishes using your microwave. It’s your secret weapon to create a quick, healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner for yourself and your family.

Now you can create perfectly round cakes, pancakes, quiches, bread and more in the
MicroPro® Grill. All you need to have is a Pro Ring which gives you fast and perfectly
round results right in the microwave. Designed to be used with the MicroPro® Grill, but you can also use it in your conventional oven.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

Pro Ring Launch Video from Tupperware U.S. and Canada on Vimeo.