In order to maintain “active” status as a consultant and keep your 35% sampling benefit, you’ll need $350 in retail in a ROLLING 4 month period. What does “rolling” mean? We drop a month, and add a month. That’s March-June, April-July, May-Aug.
If you’re holding parties, that’s a piece of cake. But if you’re not a party girl or guy, remember it’s easier to keep up than catch up. 🙌💯
Challenge yourself to submit $87.50 per month! Many find that focusing on one item is an easy way to do that.
Here’s a few memes you can share with friends and family to help you hit your target. I recommend choosing one at a time and focusing. Doing a live quick demo, posting a YouTube video and sharing recipes and gift giving ideas featuring the product you are focused on will help ALOT.
People L💖VE seeing HOW versatile, innovative, easy to use, easy to clean and eco friendly our products are!