RazzMaTazz, As we all welcome and begin to work these first few months of 2022, I wanted to bring forward a few thought starters I have been working with in my mind to motivate myself to take my business to new rewarding, fun places this year!  I hope you think and act on them as well!
1.  The story you tell yourself if the story you will believe.  Create the story you want for yourself.
2.  We are busier in our heads then reality.
3.  There are many benefits to having our own Tupperware business.  Flexibility is one of them.  But, what does flexibility really mean?   We often believe it means working when we want to.  Now, think of a rubber band.  It is flexible, but still has a definite shape on it’s own.   When pulled, the rubber band will expand or conform to something else.  When that influence is past, the rubber band returns to it’s original shape.  The concept of flexibility in our business is the same.  Develop a set time to work your business or a set number of hours daily or weekly to work.  Then, there will be times when we are pulled away, either by choice or by necessity.  Flexibility is knowing we can be pulled away but then returning to our set work time afterwards.  Flexibility is putting in the same work time but knowing we can re-arrange the time as life pulls on us. Flexibility is a wonderful benefit to our business.  Truly embrace the meaning of flexibility and make this your BEST YEAR YET!