WOW!  RAZZMATAZZ IS SO EXCITED to share an inspiring recognition spotlight with all of you!  This amazing lady has sold over $19,000 in Personal Sales in the last 8 weeks proving that Tupperware is a very lucrative and flexible earning opportunity that you can do on your own terms!  Kathy’s personal sales profit in just 8 weeks is over $6600 between her 25% and then her 10% personal sales volume bonus!  How many of you can get excited thinking about making almost $1000 a week?  If she can do it, YOU can learn to do it too!  Kathy, we are so proud of you and are excited to share a bit of your story:  
Hi! I’m Kathy Vanegas and I’m now manager in our wonderful RazzMaTazz group!

I sold Tupperware back in 1989 for 3 yrs. I was a manager and had about 10-15 recruits. I really enjoyed it a lot.

I started again at the end of January 2021, and I’m loving how times have changed and I can build my business on social media rather than going home to home. Social media has really helped me expand my business quickly.  I started building by asking my friends to host a Tupperware Facebook Party.  I offer to set up the FB party group, making it private and having them invite their friends. I then ask my host’s permission if it would be okay if I can ask the guests to invite their friends too, as more in attendance will always help my hostess gain more in party sales and bookings. Once the group is created and I’ve set up my announcement message and albums and everyone is invited, I then “schedule” all of my posts ahead of time, which allows me to focus on my full time desk job. I can then manage interacting in my party groups throughout the day on my breaks and lunch time if needed.  I’m loving the flexibility to work my FB party business a few minutes here and there as my day and week allows.

I post pictures of our products along with exciting interesting information about  them, Such as the UltraPro- did you know it can go in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and the dishwasher? I explain how I use that particular product in my own kitchen and the value it has brought to my lifestyle. (If you don’t have the certain product you are promoting, you can state reasons why they should have it and how it can be used).  People like to hear why they need it and about your own personal experience with it. You can also find and post videos from Tuppsocial or YouTube by searching for a particular product by name to help support showcasing one of our premium products.

I am LOVING this new way to party and the extra income is absolutely fantastic! I have used it to pay off debt/bills but also I just took my husband away for a date day and I paid for it all with my Tupperware money! THAT felt great! I have also treated myself and bought a bread machine and I’ve invested into my vegetable garden that I have been really wanting to fix up. This is all very exciting!

I’m already dreaming and planning about how I will use the extra income to build our savings, schedule an awesome vacation trip and new furnishings for our home! We really want a new mattress and TV!

Yes, to make a business successful you do have to put time and work into it, but having the great support from leaders whom I’m grateful for (Stephanie and Kim) really helps! I’m definitely having fun, it’s keeping me busy and I’m making new friends, which I love! I’m thrilled to be back in Tupperware especially with all the new business enhancements coming and the new virtual/digital ways of selling!