COOL Lunch Ideas for a New World is the theme of our upcoming JULY sales brochure that starts on Thursday, July 1st! This new brochure is PACKED with the most exciting money saving, time saving, ECO friendly products that are PERFECT for home, school, office, parks, beaches and picnic baskets!  TAKE A LOOK-you are gonna LOVE what you see: If you cannot view the brochure album, then take a sec and request to join our facebook group:
To get your creative lunch box or picnic packing juices flowing check out this great training booklet – full of tips, recipes and ideas:
HURRY! Pull in some new hosts into the first two weeks of July and have some serious fun with a “Build your own Bento Box” Theme Party!  Have fun as your host and guests share their favorite beyond the sandwich ideas and more! Dating your host party dates IN CLOSE to the start of the brochure is KEY to your success as our sales brochure offers are “While Supplies Last” and you want everyone to have a chance to DATE their own party from their host and have time to get more and to share the fun with their own family and friends!  Don’t forget, of course to date and hold your OWN party!  I’ll bet your neighborhood would love to have a reason to come hang out and see what’s new!
Also if YOU are a bit “out of the loop” and want to “catch up” on ALL that is new and currently happening in the business check out this link!  It’s ALL here in one quick click for you to scroll through!