When you join our winning team in November 2021 you can receive the Tupperware Whip N Mix Chef for only $15 when you achieve your first sale of $40 or more!

Lightweight with no electricity needed, the Whip N Mix Chef is perfect for all of your mixing needs.  Innovative gear technology lets you whip up meringue, frosting, thick batters, sauces, salad dressing, marinades and more!  The secret is the knob on the top. Easily switch from first to second gear, so you need less effort to turn the handle. And we could all use a little more space in the kitchen! That’s why the Whip N Mix Chef is not only compact, but also does the work of multiple products. This handy multitasker doesn’t even need electricity to work! With the Whip N Mix Chef, the recipe possibilities are endless!

  • Two different gears to easily mix both light (egg whites, heavy cream, omelets, crepe batter, etc.) and thick (batter for pancakes, waffles, muffins, cakes, brownies, etc.) preparations.
  • 6 whisks for perfect and quick ingredient mixing
  • Funnel to let small amounts of liquid trickle into the preparation while mixing. The funnel even comes with handy measurements!
  • Ergonomic cover and handle that can be used by left and right-handed people
  • The base has a handle and spout which allows for easy pouring of your preparations. The measurement indicators come in handy when preparing a recipe and the anti-skid ring on the bottom keeps the product stable on the countertop when mixing.
  • Easily mix light and thick preparations: Rotate the gear knob to change from gear I to II.
  • Measuring made easy: Thanks to the sheer material and printed measurements, you can easily prepare your recipe with no need for other measuring tools! The funnel also has measurements for smaller amounts of ingredients.
  • No electricity needed: Does the job of an electric mixer without the electricity!
  • Stores easily in even the smallest kitchens: No more bulky mixers taking up space in your kitchen, the EZ Speedy is all you need!
  • Easily pour your preparations thanks to the handle and pouring spout.
  • When trying a new recipe, start off with gear I and switch to gear II when turning gets too difficult.
  • Add liquids to the base first, followed by dry ingredients. Mixing will be easier and you’ll get a smooth result. No chance for lumps!
  • Turn the handle backwards to loosen thicker batters.
  • To get every last bit of your preparations like buttercream from between the whisks, place the cover back on the base after you emptied it. Turn a few more times in gear I, and you can collect the rest from the walls of the base. You see, nothing is wasted!

Take a look at some of the videos below to see it in action!

Tupperware Whipped Coffee Recipe with the Whip N Mix Chef

Tupperware Guacamole with the Whip N Mix Chef

Tupperware Whip N Mix Chef Recipes (Adapted from the Whip N Prep):