The FUNDRAISING market potential right now is HUGE!!! So many clubs, groups, teams and organizations “normal” fundraising projects did not happen during our recent covid pandemic and they are really looking to rebuild their resources as areas and events are beginning to open up once again!

YOU ARE A FUNDRAISING SPECIALIST. YOU are a LOCAL business owner in YOUR community and YOU ARE EMPOWERED to contact anyone and everyone you can think of and OFFER any kind of “creative fundraising” you choose to put together. It’s YOUR business and you now NO LONGER have the 40% exclusive Tupperware Program to offer, so, now is the time to consider how YOU can offer catalog and/or sale brochure items as a fundraising opportunity. You WILL GIVE UP PROFIT, However, you will have a tax writeoff, lots of NEW leads and referrals, sales credit towards all gifts, awards and incentives and the host credit to work with. You will also be making a name for yourself as a generous, motivated business owner who is enthusiastic about making a difference locally representing our awesome Tupperware Brand!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When doing this you are “manipulating” the standard Tupperware program to benefit your community, however, that means you CANNOT POST PUBLICALLY because it is not an offical Tupperware Brand Flyer/pricing etc. You will need to coordinate your creative fundraisers in closed FB groups or put together good old fashioned packettes that participants work with as they collect orders.

HERE IS A RECORDED TRAINING and SLIDES Kim and I put together that supports the documents attached.

We encourage you to use these One Item Fundraising Flyers as a “starting point”