MAY BIRTHDAY MONTH IS HERE!  Let’s PARTY like RazzMaTazzMic Rockstars! 
May is the month we CELEBRATE Tupperware and this year is the DIAMOND anniversary of our World Famous Brand!  Yes! 75 years of incredibly innovative products making a difference in people’s lives one kitchen, one family at a time! It’s a tradition among the saleforce to honor Tupperware’s Anniversary/Birthday month by building their biggest and best month possible which in turn shows our company our pride, loyalty and excitement, but in return WE end up earning terrific gifts, big paychecks, promotions all while we get to completely SPOIL our Hostesses and Customers with amazing offers!  Birthday Month is the BEST month to set your goals BIG, Fill your datebook with ALL kinds of parties, work closely with your upline directors to stay motivated, and to party plan your hosts for $1000 parties or more!  Week One of May is the BEST Week to Party!  This year due to our Jenkon transition Week One of May Sales Month will run from April 25-May 5th (11 DAYS to PARTY!) Keep in mind our websites/web office will be on blackout mode from April 25-28 and when we GO LIVE with Jenkon on the 29th you will be able to immediately set up all your hosts and key in the parties you have already held and the Tupperconnet shop links will be available for those hosts!  BE SURE you have logged into your weboffice Last 14 days and/or read your MY week emails carefully and WATCHED all the training videos on Jenkon and the New PayQuicker Commissioning Program!  It’s all very exciting!
Here are some fun resources for you to use for ideas and inspiration as you build your best month ever:
This book has some great ideas on parties, building attendance and more: 
This is a letter you can “fill in the blanks” and then mass mail and/or hand out to all your family, friends, hosts, customers, past consultants: 

MASS MAILING I need your help letter BIRTHDAY MONTH 2021 – PDF

HERE IS A CAKE AND ICE CREAM RECIPE BOOK PERFECT for gifting your hosts, and party guests with either by email, mail, or share the link with them in a follow up private test or message thanking them for attending/ordering etc:
WANT TO SEE THE MAY HOST PROGRAM and the MAY SALE BROCHURE? YOU can always find all the current offers, Memes and more that you can use for all your host coaching and party planning as well as your social media posting in the ALBUM AREA in our RazzMaTazz Sales Organization’s Facebook Group.  You will need to be a member of our Facebook Group in order to see this album:
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We can’t wait to see you joining us on our weekly zoom events!  We offer lots of training, product knowledge, inspiration, friendships, fun and freebies!  Find all the upcoming May Events here on the website and mark your calendars!  GUESTS are always welcome!
Keep Sharing Your Special Sparkle and Shine ALL THE TIME!
Thank you for being RazzMaTazzMic!