Congratulations on an AMAZING year of growth in 2020 RazzMaTazz! Last Monday it was such a JOY to celebrate each of your successes and the power of teamwork! EVERY single one of you made a difference and we are so proud! Here is a recap of our BEST OF THE BEST Top Performers for 2020 and our Top Ten Over All Point Earners giving them the prestigious title of MVP 2020. Each MVP got to choose from a collection of gift items and all the NUMBER ONE’s got to choose one of two gift choices. A gorgeous Leather Business Backpack OR a Fabulous Collection of 3 Purses. Their #1 gifts will be arriving at their doorsteps any time now!

FOR 2021, When Razz has at least $1 of Sales Growth, we are going to ADD Ten More Spots to our MVP top category for the year and we will be keeping our eyes out all year for the gift choices each MVP will get to choose from! You earn MVP points based on your Best of the Best Numbered Recognition Spots so set your SIGHTS now on making 2021 your BEST YEAR YET. Look at the numbers everyone achieved and create your action plan for GROWTH! Also…. Is BECOMING A Director this year your goal? Would YOU like to earn a $1000 Step Up Cash Bonus? Drive a Company Car and work for a trip to Hawaii or Disney World…or maybe choose the $2000 cash bonus all within your first 6 months as a new director? IF YOU ARE SAYING YES to those questions…..I’d LOVE to set up a zoom time to chat with you and plan out your next steps for growth! MSG ME!
CONGRATULATIONS once again to all of these incredible Razzer’s and their units, teams, organizations. WAY TO SHINE!