What an exciting accomplishment we are thrilled to celebrate!  Congratulations to our Manager, Brittany Crews, and her son Gage for setting an AMAZING stretch goal of over $3400 in the last 4 DAYS OF JUNE and they, together made it happen by sharing their goal of earning a complete set of cookware for their kitchen, a brand new Ipad for Gage in two of Tupperware’s most rewarding programs called Confident Start and New Manager Growth Program!  They ALSO earned over $850 in profit from their efforts!  If YOU are someone who would love to set some goals, earn fabulous gifts and profits be sure to reach out!  We love helping our team maximize the amazing Tupperware Opportunity!  CONGRATULATIONS again, Brittany and Gage!  We are so incredibly proud of you and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you!