Becki Foster

sample imageI originally joined Tupperware for the amazing money you can make!! But after a short time in Tupperware I realized that there are tons of people out there who need what Tupperware has to offer!! I find that people are looking for more money, flexibility, to make more friends, to get away from their kids and have some adult time, they don't like their boss or co-workers, want to earn and take vacations, receive gifts, jewelry, an iPad, a FREE car, benefits, and more!! Tupperware blesses people in different ways!! There's so much they have to offer and I love all of it!!

Tupperware has allowed me to stay home with my kids to homeschool them while working part time hours for full time pay!! The bonuses each month have helped us put tires on our car, take vacations, pay off debt, and more! I schedule my work around my families activities and am able to take my youngest kids to League Bowl and practices, and be their taxi taking them to and from their jobs!! We get to take field trips and I get to be there with them for all of it!!

I'm looking forward to earning the FREE car!! One less car payment will be a blessing to our family!! All I'll have to pay is gas, oil changes and car washes!! Tupperware will pay all the rest!! Including insurance and registration!! We're also looking forward to earning a trip to Walt Disney World!! My kids have never been there and will love it!!

If what I've said here sounds like something you need or would enjoy - any part of it, I'd love to help you get or achieve it!! Contact me for more information on how to start your own Tupperware business!! We have the best training and our training is FREE!! I'd love to work with you to achieve your dreams and goals!!