Tupperware Samples and Sales Aids

Learn more about Tupperware's samples and sales aids program and view the current samples available.

Sampling Program Overview

What is "Sampling?" Sampling is our chance to purchase new and/or upcoming products that not only gives us the opportunity, at areduced cost (35-50% off), to have the newest things to support our business, but also gives us 100% retail sales credit that DOES apply to all types of qualifications: Getting qualified as a new consultant, making individual sales goals for weekly and monthly awards, Team Sales goals, maintaining active status! So - take this chance to browse through the pictures & information below.

Remember: Anything starting with a #5 = Sampling; Starting with a #7 = Sales aids. When you are placing your sampling order - you need to start a NON-PARTY ORDER. FYI! Just ordering your Sampling on one order page... No other products... Shipping will max out at $8.00 no matter what the retail value is!! Thank you Tupperware!! If you add your flyers/catalogs/other business aid items to the order it will only add the $2.75 shipping to the $8.00 for unlimited sample products order.

Customers most often purchase what they see demonstrated. Demonstrating the exclusive Host Gift Specials is the best way to date more parties and build party averages. You’ll want to keep your party demonstration up-to-date with the latest products and Host gifts. The sampling program is an opportunity to supplement your demonstration with selected catalog items and featured mid-month brochure and Host products at special prices. This reduces your business costs while giving you tools to increase party sales and fill your datebook with new parties.

Unless otherwise stated, there is a limit of one per item at the sampling cost. If you wish to purchase more than one, all subsequent orders you will receive your regular 25% consultant discount. Please refer to documentation by logging into your web office and clicking on this link.

Tupperware Cash and Carry Program - Party Pool Information

The Cash and Carry “Pool” in the My Sales ordering screen reflects the retail value of the items you purchased as samples under a Party or Non-Party Consultant Order in the My Sales Web Application. View the information below so you know how to apply this information to your party.

Cash and Carry Pool Information
English- Spanish

Sales Aids

Sales Aids Price List
Order new catalogs, monthly flyers, order forms, Fundraising flyers, Tupperware keychains, citrus peelers, tiny treasures and more.
English - Spanish

Sales Aids Bonus Points
The Sales Aids Bonus Points program is intended to help cover the costs of printed sales aids, such as catalogs and flyers.
English - Spanish

Main Catalog Samples

Tupperware Main Catalog Samples
(Available for Sales Force Members to order August 5–December 13, 2017)
English - Spanish

Monthly Brochure Samples

These are the samples that are currently available in the Tupperware monthly sales flyer.

Monthly Brochure Samples with Pictures
(Available for Sales Force Members to order July 27 - August 23, 2017)
Samples with Pictures - Bilingual

Fund Raiser Samples

These are the samples that are currently available in the Tupperware fundraising line.

Fundraiser Brochure Samples List - Available for Sales Force Members to order June 10–December 8, 2017
English - Spanish




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