Director Resources

New Manager Success System

New Manager Success System Resources

Plan Overview
Future Manager Agreement
My Dream Worksheet
Dreaming of Royalty Fact Sheet
Dreaming of Royalty Action Plan
Compensation Overview Chart
Dream Drivers Cash / Car Program Chart

New Manager Orientation

New Manager Orientation Leader's Guide
New Manager Orientation PowerPoint Download
New Manager Orientation PowerPoint
New Manager Orientation Workbook
NMO Certificate - Editable
NMO Certificate - Write In

Dream Big

Dream Big Plan for Success Leader's Guide
Dream Big Plan for Success Workbook
Dream Big Plan for Success PowerPoint
Dream Big Plan for Success PowerPoint Download
Dream Big Certificate - Editable
Dream Big Certificate - Write In

Share the Opportunity

Share the Opportunity Leader's Guide
Share the Opportunity Workbook
Share the Opportunity PowerPoint
Share the Opportunity PowerPoint Download
Share Opportunity Certificate - Editable
Share Opportunity Certificate - Write In

Build the People

Build the People Leader's Guide
Build the People Workbook
Build the People PowerPoint
Build the People PowerPoint Download
Build Certificate - Editable
Build Certificate - Write In

Inspire New Leaders

Inspire New Leaders Leader's Guide
Inspire New Leaders Workbook
Inspire New Leaders PowerPoint
Inspire New Leaders PowerPoint Download
Inspire Certificate - Editable
Inspire Certificate - Write In

Dreaming of Director Resources

Dream Commitment Card
Dream Interview Certificate
Dream Interview Leaders Guide
Dream Interview Slides in PDF
Dream Interview Slides with the NOTES of what to say
Dream Interview Worksheet
Dream Invitation Postcard
Dream Kit Overview
Dreaming of Royalty Action Plan
Dreaming of Royalty Fact Sheet
How to Create a Dream Interview Flipbook
My Dream Worksheet
Stepping Up Goal Worksheet