Tupperware Fundraising Overview

Tupperware Fundraising Overview
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Fundraising Training

sample imageBelow you will find information on the Tupperware fundraising program and the different ways that you can help people raise money with your Tupperware business.

Order Fundraiser Catalogs and Fundraising Order Forms in our Sales Aids section.

Shipping and Handling Information for Fundraisers
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Fundraiser Samples

People purchase what they can see and touch so it is helpful for you to order samples of the fundraising products that are available. These are the samples that are currently available in the fundraising line.

January 2013-August 2013 Fundraiser Brochure Samples
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TupperConnect Fundraisers

A TupperConnectâ„¢ Fundraiser provides a solution for sellers who want to reach family and friends who they otherwise might not reach with a traditional fundraiser using the fundraiser flyer or catalog. Fundraiser buyers can view and purchase products online to support the fundraiser, from the comfort of their home. We have created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to get a special link that you can share with people online. Organizations can also post this link on their websites.

TupperConnect Fundraising Training

Tupperware Fundraising Catalog

Tupperware has a special fundraising catalog that you can purchase as a Sales Aid that contains a selection of products that are available for people to purchase. Here is a downloadable version and also order forms if you need to print them off.

Printable Fundraiser Brochure (January 2013-August 2013)
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Product substitutions may occur. Please see your sales force website for announcements on any fundraising substitutions.

Printable Fundraising Order Forms
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One Item Fundraising Ideas

Offer organizations the opportunity to earn money with a one item fundraiser. You will pick an item product or a set of products and the consultant will take a portion of their profit and give it to the fundraising organization. Set the fundraiser up as a party and the consultant as the host. The consultant will be able to earn the host credit for the orders to add more products to their demonstration kit.

Printable One Item Fundraiser
Impressions BOGO Fundraiser 15% Flyer
Impressions BOGO Fundraiser 20% Flyer

eGift Certificate Fundraising

Another option that you can offer to people is fundraising with electronic gift certificates through your paid Tupperware website. Follow the information below to learn more about offering egift card fundraising to your customers.

Fundraising with eGift Certificates