Jane Machschefes


Before I started my career with Tupperware I was working full time for Marriott Corp. running a dormitory food Service for UC Davis. I had just gotten married in 1991 and had JuliAnn a year later in 1992 and Jacob a year later 1993. I ordered from 6 Tupperware parties and finally went to a party and played Top Secret and won a party. I wasn’t a sales person so I wasn’t planning to make Tupperware a career change when I joined after attending 3 sales meetings. So, I paid for my kit and planned on doing my 6 party obligation and sell $100 for a Micro steamer!!! I joined Tupperware the week in between Christmas and New Year’s and had exhausted my circle of friends. So I asked everyone if they would invite and couple of friends over so I could practice my demonstration skills. I still use that line today!

I hated getting up in front of people, but once I learned that it wasn’t all about me but how I could teach my customers how to save time money and energy using the microwave it seemed like a natural transition from working over-time as a Food Service Director to flexible stay at home mom. Even though I have a degree in Food Service Management, Tupperware taught me everything I know about the Microwave which I use in my demonstrations, so I encourage you to go to every meeting you can and find your niche and share your enthusiasm with every one you meet. After 3 months I became a manager and 6 months after that I earned my first van!!! I was going to have to buy a bigger car anyway so why not earn it with Tupperware!

Since 2001 I have had the opportunity to be a director and run my own organization, Bee-Dazzled Sales. I love working for a caring and sharing organization! Over the last 24 years I have had the opportunity to be there for my family, to earn trips and to take them with me, to watch the women and men build their confidence, and to help my customers save time money and energy by busting the myths of the microwave and truly use the gifts and talents I was blessed with by God.

Give Tupperware a try-the very worst thing that will happen to you is you will make some friends, money, and get your Tupperware at a discount!! Have the best Bee-Dazzling Day Ever!!!