Lori Texeira


Extra money, fun, and a quality product I already used and knew something about. Those are just some of the reasons I started my Tupperware business and I’ve found many start their Tupperware business for the very same reasons! My cousin was a new Tupperware consultant at the time and, like me, was not comfortable talking in front of people. I thought if she could do it, so could I.

At first, I was more of a “hobby” consultant, buying product for myself and holding a few parties here and there. One of those parties ended up being over $600 in sales with 4+ datings! While that is common today in Tupperware, it wasn’t so much 18 years ago when I first started. The gifts, recognition and income that went along with the success I was starting to experience made me realize that this business could be so much more than a “hobby”. I also found that I was becoming more comfortable and confident in talking in front of people!

Personal development and growth is definitely another benefit of this business! It was then that I began to dream about what if Tupperware could be a full-time business for me? What would it be like to quit a full-time office job and work my own hours in my own business? What if I could have a full-time income and earn free trips and free cars along the way and still have fun doing it? That’s the beauty of Tupperware! You can start out one way in the business and end up with totally different goals and dreams! Either way you are a success!!

Start dreaming with Tupperware and see where it takes you!!



"The more I help others the more it comes back to me."