Rhonda Sullivan


I joined Tupperware because I had been laid off my job, along with several other coworkers. I had been on disability until the money ran out. I knew I needed to do something to bring in some extra cash. I met Becki Foster at a 4-day Craft Fair Event. Her booth was next to mine. We chatted off and on during those four days. She tried hard to recruit me, but I was resistant, even though I love the products. I was amazed at all the new items and how Tupperware has developed over the past 68 years. They had to be doing something right! I discussed becoming a Consultant with my husband but he wasn't exactly happy about it. But I knew I couldn't go back to an office environment. Every time I thought about that I would drop into severe depression with very high anxiety attacks. I did interview with the State but knew it wasn't what I wanted. One morning my husband and I got into a small argument just before I was leaving for my volunteer job. I wanted to sign up and he didn't. So, I got in my car and headed to what I call "My Serenity Place". It's an awesome horse ranch in Shingle Springs, CA called Sundance Springs Ranch. I love everyone there, including the almost 50 horses. As I was filling water troughs my cell phone rang and I knew it was him because of the ringtone. When I answered I said "I'm not sure I want to talk to you right now". (lol) He proceeded to apologize for what he had said and continued telling me that after I left the house, he went online and check out the Tupperware Company. His next words were "WOW, you can do this, I had no idea how huge this company is". I felt both excited, but scared that I would fail, as I had done with some other direct sales companies. But I immediately called Becki and said "sign me up" before I had a chance to change my mind! The first thing I did next was call my cousin and guilted her into saying "Yes" because she owed me for sighing up with another direct sales company she had joined. I didn't do so well with them, but do love the products. it was a health and wellness company, and I still use some of the products. So, with her help, and by recruiting three more, I made manager within my first three months.

I love the Razzmatazz Organization. The support is beyond compare, and I have made some wonderful new Tupperware friends, as well as customer friends. As our saying goes... "Do What you Love". If anyone reading this is wavering about saying "YES", don't hesitate, just call me and do it! You will get so much support, training, and new friendships, you won't be sorry.

First and foremost, my Tupperware business is still new, but it has been so good to help bring me out of my shyness, and believe in myself. I am also starting to be able to help with the household finances, as well as getting gifts for my family and friends.

I'm looking forward to being able to continue with updating and remodeling our home. Then upgrading my car so I can get all my Tupperware in it, then possibly upgrading our motorhome. I have a lot of dreams I know I can achieve because I believe I can!



"With God, all things are possible. He is my strength to achieve my goals.."