Yvonne Casity


Honestly? I signed up for the sampling and I wanted to get the modular mate system. My friend and recruiter Jan wouldn't let me say no! It took her 3 years of asking before I finally said YES!

It's amazing to think that I have completely redone my kitchen, I have learned to cook healthier and faster. I am helping bring income into my home and still able to be a stay at home mom and home-school our daughter. Which is the one thing I have wanted to do since I was 19. I have met a lot of wonderful new friends and expanded my family to include my Tupperware Family.

My goal is to become a Director, to get the FREE car and all the wonderful trips that Tupperware offers. I also would love to be able to take my husband, daughter and my parents on a trip to England. My mother was born there and was 6 years old when she came to the US and never has been able to go back. I want to help others change their lives and begin their own business!

If you have ever even thought about owning your own business, come give Tupperware a chance. I owned a plumbing company for 8 years and I will say its a lot more fun and easier to run a Tupperware business.There is so much recognition and the company spoils us like crazy. Don't you want to enjoy life and be appreciated in your career? Tupperware does that for you.


"The more I help others the more it comes back to me."