Carmen Harp

Carmen HarpHello, my name is Carmen Harp and I am a Charter Director. I joined Tupperware in 1998 to have some fun and adult interaction. But Tupperware has changed my life! After 14 years, I can help others to do the same. I love Tupperware products and the company because I believe in them and trust them. I enjoy the success & income it has brought to me, my family and others I have brought onto my team. I have grown in confidence & leadership and I appreciate that I have had no car payments for 14 years. I have also earned 9 trips and many, many gifts & Cash Bonuses from Tupperware just for doing a great job.

I was raised with Tupperware in our home. My Mom use to have Tupperware Parties and when I got married over 30 years ago, I started Hosting Parties myself to earn my product for FREE. Tupperware is truly a product that stands alone.

I truly am amazed by my business and the freedom it provides me and my family. This year my husband Ed has retired and is now working our business with me in our home office. We truly love this Company and look forward to many years of success together & making even more money for our future.