Pat Bozarth

Pat BozarthI joined Tupperware in February 2003 just to earn products FREE or with a discount! I LOVED them all. At the time I had no idea that God, through Tupperware, would help me gain FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, lifelong FRIENDSHIPS, and FUN!! In no time, I was earning great awards, lots of free products, and having more fun than I ever thought possible.

I always wanted to be my own boss; however, I spent over 47 years working for others on their terms. I wanted to be available for my family anytime they needed me. That was not possible while working for other employers. My mentors and friends in this wonderful company kept encouraging me; telling me I could earn a full-time income, while working on MY terms. I am very happy to say they were absolutely right!

Today I have the freedom and flexibility to choose when, where, and how I work MY business. There are NO limits on my income, plus opportunities are always available to earn FREE products. awards and trips. I just recently earned an all-expense paid trip to Hemingway, North Carolina! I am soooo excited!! Plus, I have been able to make lifelong friendships, while mentoring others in this business, helping them in achieving their goals as well.

The very BEST THING OF ALL, though, is TO BE THERE FOR MY FAMILY (I am blessed with a wonderful, very supportive husband, 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren). For that, I will ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL TO MY GOD and a fantastic company called Tupperware!


"Attitude and Action are the keys to success!  When you help others to get they want, you'll get what you want."