Stephanie Garber

Stephanie GarberSmiles make the first impression, light up a room and melt a mothers heart. They provide a confidence boost; show character in tough times and great times; they're a bridge in communication; and they are contagious. While we are all born with our very own unique smile, it was such a reward to use the extra money earned in Tupperware to invest in perfect smiles.

In most cases, orthodontics are considered a cosmetic investment, and many families in today's economy are really having to weigh the needs of the family versus their wants and make choices based on necessity. With the money we have made in our Tupperware business, we were able to fund our two sons' orthodontics work, a total of $10,000. It's just amazing to think that Tupperware can help families by giving them the opportunity to live beyond simply meeting the needs of their daily life.

Tupperware affords families the ability to truly enjoy some things they really want to enjoy! Tupperware helped our family to make dreams into realities. Our family is grateful that for the past 21 years, we've lived in beautiful homes, driven dream cars, enjoyed vacations and trips beyond our wildest dreams and earned jewelry and furniture.

We have been able to afford the competitive sports for our children, saved for their college educations and more! The rewards are amazing when you are willing to work for the things you want!

Every time Kyle and Cody smile, it makes my husband and I so proud and motivated, and reminds us to share this business with everyone everywhere and it reminds us to SMILE and be grateful for all the blessings of Tupperware.